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XIV. Cooperation

Christ's people should, as time requires, plan associations and conventions that will best get cooperation for the Kingdom of God. Such organizations have no power over one another or over the churches. These organizations are voluntary. They are to make suggestions planned to get, to join, and to direct the interests of our people in the most successful way. Members of New Testament churches should help each other to spread the missionary, educational, and kind ministries of Christ’s Kingdom. This should be done together to add to Christ's Kingdom.


The meaning of Christian unity in the New Testament is spiritual agreement and voluntary help by many groups of Christ’s people to reach a common purpose. Cooperation is wanted between the many Christian denominations when the purpose is right. Cooperation is wanted when there is no ignoring of the sense of right and wrong. Cooperation is wanted when there is no giving up of loyalty to Christ and His Word as explained in the New Testament.

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